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Did you know that with One Windows Server and one Web connection you can host many Web Sites?

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If you finished college but are now unable to find a job

(Maybe you moved in with your parents)!

Don’t wait for somebody to “give you a job”. 

Start your own Business with a minimal investment. 

Your Face book friends have begun to make their presence on the web with their own private and or business domain names to advertise and sell their products and services. You can offer them a Web development and hosting service at a fraction of what others charge. 

Some of them charge an estimated $100.00 per month for a private domain on the web.  (100 sites at $100.00 per site would gross $10,000.00 per month with a fixed ongoing cost of about $100.00 per month).

We will teach you how to cut the cost to a fraction, by hosting multiple pages on one server with one fast connection to the web.

You don’t need a degree in computer science.  To get started you need: 

A) Basic business acumen and willingness to put in the effort necessary to find and maintain qualified clients.

B) Basic understanding of the PC and willingness to use it.

C) A reliable server with fast connection the Internet.








We will teach you how to set it up a multi-hosting environment.

Call us on 909 981 9535 or visit us at 415-A N. Central Ave. Upland Ca. 91786



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